New Courses

The Vital Role of Contrast

4 Lessons in , $99.99

Contrast is often vital to a photograph’s success and in many cases, it is solely the contrast that elevates one photograph over another and for many photographers, their understanding of contrast seems to begin and end with a basic understanding of contrast created by only light and shadow, yet contrast’s role in photographic success goes far beyond that. There is contrast between tone and color, contrast between color compliments, contrast between textures, sharp and dull, rough and smooth, contrast between lines, long and short, wide and thin, curvilinear and jagged, contrast between motion blur and crystal clear sharpness, contrast between size, big versus small, contrast with pattern and on on it goes. This 90- minute session will not only make you aware of the power of contrast and its ability to elevate a compositions success but it will also do so by expanding your vision as you realize just how many opportunities exist to call upon contrast to create truly compelling images from everyday ordinary subjects.

Editing in Adobe Camera Raw

4 Lessons in , $39.99

We’ll show you the BEST, EASIEST and FASTEST ways to edit and enhance all your favorite images! Discover new imaging superpowers by mastering the tools in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) - the engine at the heart of all Adobe photo editing software! ACR is the powerful software engine for editing your photographs non-destructively. This course will deliver the core tips for professionally editing your images in a way that could never harm your photos. Learn to batch process multiple files, batch preview, even rescue and fine-tune images better than the pros!

Photographing People: Anytime, Anyplace

4 Lessons in , $99.99

Based on Bryan’s new book that just released in August of 2020, this is a course designed for ALL OF US, even those of you who never thought you would want to photograph people, outside of your own family or friends. Great portraits go beyond a mere record of a face. They reveal one of the millions of intimate human moments that make up a life. In Understanding Portrait Photography, renowned photographer Bryan Peterson shows how to spot those “aha!” moments and capture them forever. Rather than relying on pure luck and chance to catch those moments, Peterson’s approach explains what makes a photo memorable, how to spot the universal themes that everyone can identify with, and how to use lighting, setting, and exposure to reveal the wonder and joy of everyday moments.

The Ultimate Guide to Landscape & Nature Photography

4 Lessons in $39.99

If you love the outdoors and photography, then you are in the right place. In this course, designed for beginning photographers, you will learn the key ingredients to creating amazing landscape and nature photos. I will show you the gear best suited for landscape photography, how to obtain a perfect exposure, how to develop your ‘Eye’ to see striking compositions, and how to ‘see’ the light.

Understanding Exposure & Your DSLR

7 Lessons in , , $97.97

Without question, the most popular video photography course ever taught on the Internet! Based in part on Bryan’s worldwide best selling book, Understanding Exposure, each lesson unravels the often confusing and intimidating world of shooting with your digital SLR.

Mastering Photography for Architecture and Real Estate

6 Lessons in , $47.99

The markets for skilled architecture photographers are huge. Business is booming again in commercial and residential construction. Home builders, property managers, construction companies, hospitals, retirement communities, manufacturing facilities, magazines, and real estate ventures all have a use for architectural photography.