Understanding Exposure & Your DSLR

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Without question, the most popular video photography course ever taught on the Internet! Based in part on Bryan’s worldwide best selling book, Understanding Exposure, each lesson unravels the often confusing and intimidating world of shooting with your digital SLR.

Mastering Photography for Architecture and Real Estate

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The markets for skilled architecture photographers are huge. Business is booming again in commercial and residential construction. Home builders, property managers, construction companies, hospitals, retirement communities, manufacturing facilities, magazines, and real estate ventures all have a use for architectural photography.

Outdoor & Nature Photography

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Do you love nature photography and wish to make money from it? Would you like to make outdoor and nature photography a full time endeavor? Ask any full time professional outdoor photographer and they will tell you that this is no easy task. It takes devotion and hard work, yet there is no more fulfilling of a “career” than being a full time Outdoor and Nature Photographer.

The Ultimate Guide to Landscape & Nature Photography

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If you love the outdoors and photography, then you are in the right place. In this course, designed for beginning photographers, you will learn the key ingredients to creating amazing landscape and nature photos. I will show you the gear best suited for landscape photography, how to obtain a perfect exposure, how to develop your ‘Eye’ to see striking compositions, and how to ‘see’ the light.