You Keep Shooting is the brain-child of world-famous photographer Bryan F Peterson. For those not familiar with Bryan, he enjoyed great success as a commercial photographer for over 35 years. His clients included American Express, Kodak, UPS, Phillips and Citibank. His work has received numerous awards, most notably from the Communication Arts Photography Annual seven times, Print Magazine four times and he was also awarded the prestigious New York Art Directors Gold Award.

Over time Bryan came to the realization that despite his success as a commercial photographer, most of his Fortune 500 clients never really allowed him to be ‘creative’, rather insisting that Bryan shoot “very pedestrian subjects from a very pedestrian point of view”, (Kodak and UPS being the exception).

Fortunately for Bryan he was able to channel his creativity back to the photographic community where he was soon inspiring photographers throughout the USA with his insightful articles on creative photography for both Popular Photography and Outdoor Photographer, articles which would later lead to the publication of Bryan’s first book Learning To See Creatively back in 1988.  

Twelve years later Bryan decided that inspiring others would be a great FULL-TIME job so he ceased work as a commercial assignment photographer and began his prolific writing of more books and then he proceeded to launch, a few years later, his well-known on-line photography school, www.bpsop.com well known around the world as the premier online photography school thanks to a photography teaching staff that are immensely talented, passionate and very well-known in their respective fields of photography.

Today, within the photographic community, he is one of the most sought after and often quoted photographers; known by many as the photographer/writer of ten best-selling photography books, published in 11 languages; Learning to See Creatively, Understanding Composition, Understanding Photography Field Guide, Understanding Close-up Photography, Understanding Shutter Speed, Understanding Digital, Beyond Portraits, Exposure Solutions, Understanding Color and arguably his most popular book of all, Understanding Exposure which recently topped sales of one-million copies.

To browse and/or order his library of How-To Photography books go to Amazon: Bryan Peterson's books

As further evidence of Bryan’s desire to inspire and share his passion with other like-minded photographers, Bryan also conducts over 20 on-location photography workshops around the world.

You can learn more about his domestic and international workshops here: www.bryanfpetersonphotoworkshops.com

Bryan's "You Keep Shooting" tag line became famous with his partnership with Adorama TV. To view more videos from Bryan: www.adorama.com