Be Inspired

Why have I created You Keep Shooting? To inspire you, to motivate you, to challenge you and most of all, to keep you shooting. It’s really that simple!

I will demonstrate month in, month out, just how liberating it is to create award winning images in-camera, period! Somewhere along the way, PHOTOGRAPHY, as I know it, seems to have been hijacked by the likes of post-processing software. Many are under the mistaken impression that one cannot create award winning images without benefit of some extensive post-processing!


You Keep Shooting will demonstrate that extensive post-processing is 98% unnecessary when it comes to creating consistently compelling, artistic and emotion filled images with just your camera and lens and I will continue to challenge anyone who says otherwise. And further to that point: anyone who wishes to challenge me on this will lose that challenge every time-PROMISE!


To be very clear, I am well versed and schooled enough to know what amazing things are possible with Lightroom and PhotoShop and in fact I am impressed by the many terrific examples of PhotoShop Art that one can see on display at the many Photo Sharing sites i.e. IG, Facebook, Deviant Art, and 500 pix to name just a few. But, I am also fully aware that many of these images are not ‘organic’ but rather GMO images, (Greatly Modified Originals). Or as is also appropriate to say, they are images based on ‘alternative facts’.

Again, I have no issue with images based on ‘alternative facts’, but in my humble opinion, we should not call this Photography. Instead we should call it Digital Art, where a talented and very creative individual called upon his/her camera and lens and a computer to create what is actually an truly an ‘out of this world’ image.


As for myself and after more than 40 years of shooting, I am still amazed by the everyday possibilities of creating images in-camera, when I allow the right side of my brain to ask “What if…”, when I allow the left side of my brain to employ all of my technical knowledge I have gathered along the way and  then combine both with just my camera and lens. My journey of creating images in-camera is no closer to completion today than it was the first day I picked up a camera. Strong as it was back then, my enthusiasm for in-camera image making is even stronger today!  Assuming you too like the idea of owning the process and creating in-camera, then a membership in You Keep Shooting will prove a wise decision. Soon, you will be creating more images in-camera then you ever thought was possible.

Reclaim your in-camera creativity and own the process. Do not let the need for post-processing own you!


Every month the 4+ videos will educate and inspire you in all areas of in-camera shooting and greatly expand your vision of what is truly possible with a camera a lens and a little bit of creativity. Topics will include invaluable and lasting tips on exposure, light, a thorough understanding of creative exposure, the use of flash, understanding lens choice, the power of point of view and of course a constant emphasis on the final arrangement, coming away with a truly compelling composition. (Relying on the crop tools in  PhotoShop or Lightroom will be another tool that will soon become part of your photographic past.) And as you will also learn, ‘light’ is not Holy Grail. Rare does a scene with great light salvage a poorly composed image, but rarer still does a truly compelling composition NOT salvage a scene with poor light!


Composition, perhaps more than anything, will be the main thrust of my many lessons, both on the videos and in the bi-weekly critiques! Effective and compelling composition, at least in my mind, is everything and yes, it can be taught!


For many, You Keep Shooting is really all about a thorough reclaiming of the lost art of image making, in-camera and for others it is their first realization that so much creativity IS possible just with a camera and lens. Gone will be the days of giving silent credit to the success of your pictures to some post-processing app, replaced by days that are now filled with shouts of excitement, “Look what I have learned to do JUST with my camera and lens!” Yes, your self-esteem will soar!

Monthly Critiques

Each and every month you will be encouraged to upload examples of your own images. Perhaps they were shot based the idea(s) shared in my videos, or they are images completely unrelated; it matters not. I will select 50 images from members monthly submissions, at random, every four weeks and create a thorough critique of each images strengths and weaknesses with valuable suggestions on what you can do to make the image stronger next time. Yes, these critiques will be very honest, direct and to the point.


I have every intention, when necessary, to take the wind out of your sails, and then replace that wind with a hurricane of insightful ideas; ideas that will help you to avoid making the mistakes next time.

Some students have remarked over the years that listening to a critique of their work or someone else’s taught them more about their approach to image making than most any other learning tool.

Whether you have been shooting for one year or thirty years, I promise that in just 12 months you will experience a photographic transformation beyond your wildest dreams and this WILL all happen without your need to buy more photography equipment or without your need to spend much time at all with post-processing software!

2 Monthly Live Webinars

For those of you who may not know what a webinar is, it is simply a presentation or lecture that is transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software (Zoom) where you can interact and ask questions with the speaker.

Every month you will have the opportunity to attend educational live webinars with Bryan Peterson (once a month) and a guest instructor (once a month)! You will have the ability to ask Bryan those questions you've been yearning to beseech and receive a immediate, direct answer from the creative master himself!

From creative photo techniques, to travel tips, to camera gear and Photoshop workflows! You're guaranteed to take home something new and fascinating from each webinar!

Each month Bryan will announce the webinar dates and time, so you can add it to your calendar. But, don't fret! If you can't attend a webinar, that's ok! All webinars are recorded and will be posted for members to watch in the members only monthly videos area. You can even post your questions for Bryan on the members only forum in advance if you have a question you would like answered and you're unable to attend the live sessions!

My Polished Videos

Because of prior videos posted to YouTube, many of you are already familiar with my teaching style and the 3-minute average length of each video, but for those that are not familiar, be warned;  my videos are truly RAW, seldom cut, real life, a see and tell it like it is production, almost always shot with a wide-angle lens and of course in the moment. IF you are expecting to see some slick Hollywood high-end production where a crew of 30+ people were involved, you will be disappointed! But if you are here, expecting to be inspired, informed and motivated to shoot, you will be greatly rewarded over the course of these next 12 months! In fact, I guarantee it with a 100% money back guarantee. IF you don’t feel that the annual price you paid of $99.95 more than paid for itself in the first two months, I will refund you the entire $99.95, no questions asked! Or if you chose to pay monthly, I will refund you the price paid for those first two months, no questions asked!



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$9.95 month
  • Each month you will get 4+ NEW creative videos
  • 50 Random monthly image Critiques by Bryan Peterson
  • 2 Monthly Live Webinars with Bryan Peterson
  • Access to our 750+ educational video library
  • Discount on all of Bryan's other courses
$99.95 year
  • Each month you will get 4+ NEW creative videos
  • 50 Random monthly image Critiques by Bryan Peterson
  • 2 Monthly Live Webinars with Bryan Peterson
  • Access to our 750+ educational video library
  • Discount on all of Bryan's other courses