Editing in Adobe Camera Raw

Editing in Adobe Camera Raw

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EDITING IN ADOBE CAMERA RAW (ACR)                    


If you love photography, then you are in the right place! We’ll show you the BEST, EASIEST and FASTEST ways to edit and enhance all your favorite images!

Discover new imaging superpowers by mastering the tools in ACR - the engine at the heart of all Adobe photo editing software!

Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) is the powerful software engine for editing your photographs non-destructively. It is the foundation of LightRoom, Bridge, and even Photoshop when they are called upon to process Raw file types such as Nikon’s .NEF,  Canon’s CR2, Sony’s .ARW, and more than 300 others.

This course will deliver the core tips for professionally editing your images in a way that could never harm your photos. Photoshop is a destructive editor, nonchalantly tossing colors, data, & tones without hope of recovery. ACR avoids this terrible fate. Learn to batch process multiple files, batch preview, even rescue and fine-tune images better than the pros!

This course includes over 2 hours of on-demand informative videos with full lifetime access!!

Lesson  #1 Understanding Camera Raw

-Destructive vs Non-Destructive
-ACR Tools & Panels
-ACR Preferences & Settings
-Workspaces in Adobe Bridge
-Lightroom vs Bridge

Lesson #2 - Processing in Camera Raw

-ACR Sliders
-The Histogram
-Done is not "Save"
-Edit Tonal Ranges Independently
-Apply Artificial Intelligence to your Sliders

Lesson #3 - Advanced Tools & Workflow

-See & Save Global Presets
-The Killer Tools
-"Fake" Camera Raw
-Workflow Options

BONUS VIDEOS! +TOP MOST Valuable ACR Tips for Post-Processing

-Leveling & Crop Overlays
-Local Presets
-Multiple Adjustments on Single Images
-Batch Process Globally
-Lightroom to Photoshop & Back vs Bridge to Photoshop & Back



Instructor: Rick Burress

Rick Burress has consulted and taught professional photographers for over 30 years. His work has appeared in the award-winning Arizona Highways Magazine, and is a published author and consultant.



These video tutorials cover following topics (and MORE!):

  • What are RAW & DNG files?
  • Applying Lens Corrections
  • Creating Presets & Snapshots
  • Batch Editing
  • Using Killer Tools
  • ACR Sliders
  • The Histogram
  • ACR Tools & Panels
  • Edit Tonal Ranges Independently
  • Radial Filter Tool
  • Smart Objects
  • Graduated Filter Tool
  • Guided Upright Tool
  • Workflow Options

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Course Requirement:
A digital camera with capabilities of shooting in RAW file format AND a basic Photography subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud for $9.99/month, which includes Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) & Adobe Bridge.