What Exposure?

What Exposure?

What should your exposure be? Your exposure should not only be correct but it should be the most creatively correct exposure too!

Every scene offers up a multitude of correct exposures i.e. a front-lit scene with 100 ISO, can be correctly exposed at F/22@1/100, or F/16@1/200, or F/11@1/400, or F/8@1/800 and so on...atop the Accademia Bridge you are very aware of the boat traffic in the Grand Canal, so don’t just settle for a correct exposure but rather shoot the most creatively correct exposure, in this case, a LONG exposure, F/22@ 30 seconds with 100 ISO, thus rendering a composition of an obvious MOTION-FILLED exposure that showcases the many ‘lines’ of boat traffic, versus only a ‘hint’ of boat traffic as seen in the second photo, which is also a correct exposure at F/5.6@2 seconds with 100 ISO but certainly not the most creative exposure. What should your exposure be?

It should not only be correct, but the most creatively correct! If depth of field is your concern, emphasize the aperture, if motion is your concern then emphasize the shutter speed, and if its both, then emphasize both, and of course, your combinations of aperture/shutter speeds that you will have at your disposal will be influenced 100% by your choice in ISO..The more ISO, the faster your shutter speeds...you keep shooting!

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