What a View

What a View

Just when you think you’ve seen all there is to see among the lavender fields of Provence France...using drones is becoming more and more restrictive, which is WHY, I rent those bucket trucks, those utility vehicle looking bucket trucks with the bucket at the of that really long arm, and AFTER ‘anchoring’ the truck, and then grabbing the joystick, its up up and away; 90 feet up and my God, what a view!

Once again its ‘who cares’ time since ‘everything’ is at same focus distance at this 43mm focal length, F/11 it is and I simply adjust my shutter speed until a -1 and a 1/3 stops is indicated and fire away! (Lavender, in low angled sunlight, is much like black; only about 9% reflectance, YET you still must treat it as if it were reflecting 18% otherwise, you will record over-exposure, washed out lavender! You keep shooting! F/[email protected]/160 sec, 100 ISO

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