Wet Invitations

Wet Invitations

Ocean beaches, world-wide, have become an increasingly popular landscape subject for many aspiring photographers over these past 5 years, yet, as I have witnessed in my on-location workshops as well as at my on-line photography schools, and yet many of these ocean beach landscapes come up short of hitting the mark simply because the photographer chose NOT to risk getting a wee bit wet.
In this first example, it is easy to assume that I might have gotten a little bit wet when creating this composition that includes a small foreground stream at the Uttakleiv Beach in the Lofoten Islands, Norway and not surprising, the sensation of ‘being there’ of ‘feeling’ the chill of this beach is heightened due to the somewhat ‘in your face’ foreground texture of wet and cold blue water, comprised of ‘soothing’ curvilinear lines, lines that lead your eye, calmly, into this wintry scene.

Now compare that to the second image, and it is immediately obvious, that in the absence of any foreground textures/lines/color, you experience this same scene from a distance, as if you are on the outside looking in, the ‘uninvited guest’ and not surprising, you move on quickly.

If you as the photographer are wanting to increase your ‘guest list’, consider sending out ‘wet invitations’, rather than a dry invitation, which not surprising, will do nothing more than garner a ‘dry response’ from your viewing audience.

Nikon D850, Nikkor 24-120mm at 24mm, F/22, (manual focus at 1- meter) 1/60 second, 200 ISO

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