Waterfall Fun

Waterfall Fun

My daughter Chloë, under a small ‘waterfall’ at the hotel pool in Cancun.
A front lit ‘portrait’ with the exposure emphasis on shutter speed, not aperture, because my primary interest was to freeze the water, so with 200 ISO, and my shutter speed set to 1/1000 sec. I adjusted my aperture until F/8 indicated a -1/3rd exposure and then with the camera in CH, Continuous High, I fired off about 12 frames, and this was one of them.
It’s NOT about a Correct Exposure, but rather the Creatively Correct Exposure. If your image needs a lot of depth of field, or very little, then aperture becomes your priority.

If your image wants to convey motion i.e. freezing action or subtle blur to imply motion, then the shutter-speed becomes your priority.

You keep shooting!

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