Water Cascades

Water Cascades

How do you bring much needed water to your rice fields in and around Inle Lake, Myanmar? You make narrow channels from the lake to your farm, and while walking slowly in the narrow and shallow channels of water that lie between the elevated rows of rice, this young farmer dips his one-quart stainless steel bowl into the shallow water, and with a flip of the wrist that is mindful of releasing a bowling ball, the water cascades onto the awaiting young shoots of rice.

Two things of note here:

  1. A fast shutter speed of a 1/1000 second was needed to freeze the cascading water.
  2. So with shutter speed set to 1/1000, and an ISO of 640, an aperture of F/13 indicated a correct exposure for the strong backlit field before me, but the sky was 3-stops brighter, so in the absence of NOT having my 3-stop GND filter, I called upon the ‘grad filter’ in Adobe Camera Raw, and ‘added’ it in post processing. 

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