Water Ballet

Water Ballet

Inlee Lake, Myanmar...a chance to get a front row seat of ‘the fishermen water ballet’, a surprisingly easy photo shoot! You will need to hire a ‘long boat/driver’ who will then pick you up at your lakeside hotel, and within minutes, you are soon greeted by the local fishermen, awaiting your arrival about 200 yards out in the very shallow lake. They have brought their ‘old fashioned’ fishing traps and shortly before sunset, the show begins; fishermen effortlessly ‘dancing’ atop their boats, fish traps in hand, all the while contorting their bodies in a manner normally reserved for the toy, Gumby, entertaining/posing at will, for my students and myself on this quiet evening and needless to say we had a ‘field day’ of shooting opportunities, this image being just one of several hundred that we all had shot. The sunset itself was a bit ‘colorless’ but with the addition of setting our WB to SHADE, we were able to add a welcomed golden glow which you see here.

You keep shooting.

Nikon D810, Nikkor 24-120mm, at 50mm, F/22@1/250 sec. 100 ISO SHADE WB

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