The Power of Color

The Power of Color

It wasn’t until this particular afternoon in Old Dubai where I was reminded once again just how powerful the color orange is and I say reminded, because the color orange is really not that commonly seen, outside of flowers and sunsets, and for those very reasons, reasons that I hope are obvious, I was excited to see a different ‘orange’, and yes, orange is for many, NOT a popular color, so if you don’t like orange, under any scenario, you have obviously moved on to the next thing, having not even read this far, but for those that are still with me, his hair IS orange, a Pakistan man who uses Henna, an orange dye, to color his hair, and on this afternoon, at the Spice Souk, I caught a quick glimpse of him as he streaked by me, seemingly pushing with ease, what appeared to me to be a hand-truck overloaded with heavy boxes of various sizes in the Spice Souk.

Chasing after him, and following a brief, “Hi, blah blah blah...” and as luck would have it, I was soon shooting his portrait against the backdrop of an equally bright orange ‘construction cloth’ while he stood under the only narrow shaft of light that was streaming through a gap in the over lapping roof of the narrow and dark passageways of the Spice Souk, resulting in the ‘rushed’ portrait you see here.

Sure, I wish he could have given me more time, but considering it was I who was taking him away from his work, I was grateful none the less for the opportunity, grateful most of all to be adding a uniquely different orange image to my ‘orange’ library.

Nikon D810, Nikkor 24-120mm, F/11@1/160, 100 ISO, Daylight/Sunny WB

You keep shooting!

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