Summer to Remember

Summer to Remember

A summer without sunflowers just wouldn’t be summer and I hate the reminder but the calendar says another great ‘summer to remember’ is coming to a close, but damn, where did the time go?...Thanks so much to all of my fellow photographers for your support and comments. I deeply appreciate your huge passion for image making, here on these ridiculously small ‘pages’ of IG. To my friends in the southern hemisphere, your sunflower days are coming??. All 5 images Nikon D500 or D810, and Nikkor 24-120, 18-300 or Full Frame Fish-Eye. PS-Tonight kicks off a week here in Longwood Gardens, PA. I am one of the instructors for the Out of Chicago Flower Photo Workshop. Stay tuned for a few more flower shots in the coming week.

You keep shooting!

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  • Hey Bryan. Wow I love these!
    Are those Sophie and Chloe?
    Also, I grew up near Longwood Gardens and have been there many times. Incredible place. Enjoy!

  • Sue Leonard

    Fabulous images Bryan. But of course they are. Hope you are well. I heard that Merle had a great time with you in Chicago.

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