Story-telling Compositions

Story-telling Compositions

No trip to Bhutan is complete unless it includes a visit to the world’s largest sitting bronze Buddha, AND if you are lucky enough to be there during or shortly after a rain shower you will now want to set the camera directly onto the surface of the blue painted area of a small mural that is about one-hundred meters from and directly in line with the Buddha, taking advantage of the reflection that now exists, solely because of the rain.

With your aperture set to the ‘dreaded’ “don’t ever use F/22”, and with your manually focused distance set to one-meter, you can now choose to shoot in Aperture Priority at +1, (compensating for the light meters ‘false’ interpretation of thinking the sky is brighter then it is) and then adjust the sky in post-processing OR simply shoot in Manual Mode, metering without the sky, and then before shooting, use a 3-stop graduated ND Filter to give the sky a bit more ‘kick’. Either way, a ‘dual’ image of the world’s largest sitting bronze Buddha is the result, an image of exacting sharpness, from 13” to infinity, THANKS to the use of “...don’t ever use F/22.” You keep shooting and you KEEP using F/22 for all your ‘Story-telling’ compositions!

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Nikon D500, Nikkor 10-24@12mm, F/22@1/60 second, 200 ISO

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