Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

She is a little girl from the Dorze tribe of SE Ethiopia’s Omo Valley and upon seeing her ‘hiding’, yet peeking from around the corner of the very small 8x10 cement walled house that she shared with her Mom, Dad and three sisters and two brothers, I knew that no matter what, I was determined to photograph this little girls portrait, this little girl who had quickly stole my heart, this little girl, dressed in a colorful pink magenta shirt, a color very similar to one of the painted exterior walls of her 8x10 house, feelings of gratitude and fate were coming to the surface as positioned her against the wall of the south side of the house, only soft shadowless light which would surely compliment the equally soft pastel tones of the pink/magenta wall in combination with her well worn shirt, in welcomed contrast to her soft, almost baby like face.

Posing her couldn’t have been easier. Right after she sat down in front of the wall, and without any prompting from me, she immediately folded her hands, just as you see here, as if she had a sixth sense of what kind of pose I would like.

An easy exposure here, classic ‘who cares’ F/11@1/200 sec. 640 ISO, Nikon D500, Nikkor 18-300mm@102mm.

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