Somedays, I wake up, and I am eventually greeted with a sense that on this day, I am lacking any ability to ‘see’ and if it persists long enough, self-doubt will begin to whisper, and that is when I will immediately drop everything and head out to the nearest junk yard/auto wrecking yard and begin the welcomed consumption of the visual banquet of lines, textures and colors that lay before me. 

This is the proving ground, where my mind can wander and focus solely on the creation of strong graphic compositions that are free from identification and possible prejudice, compositions that do nothing more than SHOUT! 

This is the place where I can forget about creating a full sentence, and jump immediately to the exclamation point.

Attached are three recent ‘SHOUTS’ followed by their respective origins. Enjoy! (All images shot with Micro-Nikkor 105mm lens.)


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  • Kevin Burley

    It just proves that you you don’t have to travel to exotic places to find great photographs! Your energy is an inspiration to anyone who loves photography as a career or Just for the love of image making! Bryan, “You keep shooting!”

  • Claudine AUMEERUDDY

    I never regret to read your posts; Thank you Bryan!

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