We all have our favorite images. Some of my favorite images were taken by other photographers while a few favorite images were taken by myself and todays post, an image taken by myself is one of my favorites.

I lived in France for nine years and one of the more memorable ‘finds’ was the day I came upon a yellow wall, near the Perrache train station in Lyon, France. “One day, I will return here with my friend Phillipe”, and a mere ten days later, and with the camera mounted on a tripod, I shot that yellow wall at a 1/8 second exposure while my friend Phillipe walked in the opposite direction of the sign pointing to Paris.

I really don’t know why it remains a favorite, and although I could speculate as to why it remains a favorite, it would not change the outcome. I have learned to trust that ‘the heart knows what the heart knows’. Follow your heart and the river of passion will run free!

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