Outdoor Photo Booth

Outdoor Photo Booth

When I lived in Chicago, one of my favorite locations for photographing people was Millennium Park. On those hot August days of stifling humidity, Crown Fountain, with its two impressive sculptures of granite and glass block, was a great place where both young and old could cool off under a refreshing wall of cascading water and unbeknownst to most, this wall of glass block and cascading water served up the perfect ‘seamless background’, where many subjects had entered into what can best be described as an outdoor photo booth.

Over the course of one hour, countless subjects, most unknowingly, posed for my camera, but none more endearing than this young boy wearing goggles.

Nikon D810, Nikkor 24-120mm, at 120mm, F/8@1/640 sec. 100 ISO, Daylight/Sunny WB

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