One of a Kind

One of a Kind

This is truly a “one of a kind” photo and it has earned this distinction NOT because of anything I did, but first, a very brief history; the image was taken in 2006, on 35mm film, Kodak E100VS, and a few months ago, I scanned a handful of slides, this being one of them.

This past summer, I returned to this specific lavender field location, which was atop the Valensole Plain in Provence France, a field that was some distance away from the much larger and more noteworthy fields, and not only did I discover that this particular field had been replaced with side by side fields of wheat and sunflowers, but the lone oak tree was also gone, taken out by a bolt of lightning, three years earlier, according to the farmer I spoke with who lived nearby.

Thus, by default, it is now a “one of a kind” photo never able to be repeated again.

Nikon F-5, Nikkor 70-300mm at 135mm, F/32@1/30 sec. 100 ISO E100VS

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