Never Stop Exploring

Never Stop Exploring

I recently added another IPhone Max XS to my workflow and when setting it up, ‘the Cloud’ loaded a number of videos I thought I had lost, including a short video I shot 18 months ago at a textile factory in Mandalay, Myanmar, a video that will surely answer one of my most asked questions, “where do I find colorful subjects?” After looking at these first three COLORFUL still images, you will see the video which should make it obvious where I found these ‘colorful’ subjects plus it will give some context to the harsh and gritty environment in which these workers toil, day after day after day.

All images were shot with my Nikon D500 and Nikkor 18-300mm at ISO’s that varied between 800 to 3200. Enjoy your weekend as much as you are able and you keep shooting!

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