Moving Escalator

Moving Escalator

Immediately upon seeing the glowing red escalator inside the EmQuartier Mall in Bangkok, my plans for that afternoon changed-shoot NOW, shop later and after riding the escalator to the top floor, where the Cinema’s are found, I chose a somewhat straight down point of view, where I was able to compose a composition of LINES and of course COLOR and it was then a matter of being patient, as I awaited for my hoped for ‘red’ subject, a ‘woman in red’ this time, and here is that result.

Although the escalator was moving ‘slowly’ I still needed a shutter speed that would capture the ‘slow’ motion in exacting sharpness, so I resorted to using an ISO of 3200 which in turn kicked up my shutter speed to a 1/400 sec while shooting at F/11. (BTS video attached here as well) keep shooting!

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