Motions Role

Motions Role

Motion fascinates me, particularly motion and it’s role in photography.

Photographers, when presented with motion opportunities have the option of FREEZING that motion into a stark, sharply defined subject to allow the viewer an exacting detail of that captured motion i.e. an Eagle’s talons, snagging a fish at impact, an NFL wide receiver, his body outstretched, horizontal to the ground, his fingertips a mere fraction of an inch just short of what may have been the game winning catch or if not freezing the action, we have the option of allowing that motion to ‘run amok’ over the course of several seconds if not minutes i.e. headlights/tailights on the freeway that leads the eye to the cityscape at dusk, the constant pounding and loud ‘crack’ of the ocean surf, reduced to an ethereal ‘dead’ calm or the ghost-like figures of people adding a welcomed blur and much needed tension to an otherwise quiet composition.

Several weeks ago, while camping with the Karo tribe of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, myself and my students were fortunate to have in attendance, the very talented make-up artist @pretty.n.lazy Nattakun Plaengdee and once Nattakun had applied a bit of gold paint to a young AND willing male Karo tribe member, she finished off her handiwork by adding a large gold necklace around his neck, a necklace that I immediately saw as a chance to experiment with MOTION, motion that could (or could not) elevate what was already to be a ‘regal portrait’. What if during a 1/30 sec. exposure that necklace was sent ‘flying’? (See attached short video) ‘It’ may happen on the first take or maybe not until the tenth take, but ‘it’ will AND did happen!

You keep shooting.

Nikon D850, Nikkor 24-120mm, F/22@1/30sec. 100 ISO, Daylight/Sunny WB.

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