Mother Nature & Father Time

Mother Nature & Father Time

IF this photograph were to be used as an advertisement, do you feel it would be best used for a men’s cologne or a women’s perfume? I have often lectured on the power of line, the symbolism of line, as well as lectured and wrote an entire book about the power and symbolism of color. I have often described both lines and colors as ‘gender specific’ and with today’s post, I offer further proof that lines and color CAN and do express gender; note the thin, long, curvilinear lines that eventually meet up with the soft pastel color of yellow, both of which are supported by the curvilinear green lily pad at the bottom of the verdict: femininity is on full display here and try as I might to find it, there is not the slightest hint or expression of any kind of masculinity in this image.....I rest my case, but by all means do chime in if you feel so compelled. PS-I feel compelled to interject another thought here, because I feel it’s relevant to this discussion, although I am uncertain where it’s exactly relevant, but I grew up hearing a great deal about MOTHER nature and FATHER time...

Nikon D500, Nikkor 18-300mm, F/[email protected]/320sec. 100 ISO, Daylight/Sunny WB

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