Mid-Day Shooting

Mid-Day Shooting

Rarely will anyone argue with the overall consensus that “mid-day light is the worst!”, yet as further proof that ‘rules’ can in fact stifle a shooting opportunity, a MID-DAY shooting opportunity I might add.

She was one of a handful of the unsung hero’s at our hotel in Jinka, making certain we would be sleeping that evening on top of as well as under clean sheets and where else but under the HOT mid-day sun well the sheets be able to dry in time for that evenings slumber?

From a nearby elevated position (drone with your feet when possible), I was able to shoot down from above, revealing the pattern of hanging bed sheets, a pattern deliberately used as ‘background vocalists’ who in turn call attention to the ‘lead singer’, the cleaning woman, dressed in a contrasting yellow dress no less! Are we having fun or what?! With the aid of my off camera flash mounted on a portable light stand to my left, housed inside a Lastolite Softbox, attached to a PW remote trigger, the ‘fill’ light from the flash took care of the normally harsh mid-day shadows on her face.

Nikon D810, Nikkor 24-120mm at 50mm, F16 at 1/125 sec, 100 ISO

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