Massive Depth of Field

Massive Depth of Field

We had just come up the steps at a metro station near ‘little India’ in Paris, when I caught site of some really old style windows made of glass and wire mesh (see 2nd photo) an abstract opportunity had presented itself to combine a textured foreground with a Parisian street in the background. 

What is most critical for a shot like this is the need for a massive depth of field, so as I focused on the foreground glass window, the aperture of F/22 is called upon and I am now able to reveal some semblance of detail in the street beyond. 

Nikon D500, Nikkor 10-24mm at 12mm, F/22@1/100 sec, tripod, 320 ISO

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  • Sue Leonard

    Love it. Geez, I wish I had your eye for shots Bryan.

  • Pretty amazing! My question is I wouldn’t have thought of it because the glass seems to be semi transparent & I would’ve assumed you couldn’t see much anyways through it.

  • Jacques Fleury

    While in Paris, you must have been inspired by Monet. This picture deserves to be frame !

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