Lone Pigeon

Lone Pigeon

My eyes caught site of a lone pigeon flying above this vivid magenta painted wall and it was his brief shadow, that caught my attention as it raced up the side of the wall. 

Along with another pigeon, it sat perched atop the wall and thus began the challenge! How can I get them and the other seven pigeons perched nearby on an overhead wire? 

Take a quick walk to the nearby 7/11 on Arab Street and buy a bag of Dorito’s and place them atop the awning below the window, and with minutes a flock of pigeons descended on the awning leaving only their shadows along the brightly colored wall!! THINK!

You keep shooting!

Nikon D500, Nikkor 18-300mm at 135mm, F/11@1/800 sec, 400ISO, Daylight WB

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