Index Finger

Index Finger

Are you aware of just how vitally important your index finger can be in the creative process of image making?

To be clear, I am not talking about the role your index finger plays in the firing of the shutter release button. No, I’m talking, about the role played by the index finger in your other hand. In fact, think of this other index finger as your full time, always available, hard working, never complaining ASSISTANT; the perfect employee! 

For example, without the assistance of my left-hand index finger, I would not have been able to put pressure on the stem of this Michelmas Daisy, which I had picked a moment ago, where it was growing wild, out of crack, that ran along the base of where this painted brick wall and alleyway meet.

(Check out photo number two, where you can see my ‘assistant’ hard at work.)

With pressure on the flower’s stem, I was assured that the flower would remain still, having placed it a moment ago into an area of analogous colors that were painted on this brick wall. 

The resulting still life can perhaps be best described as a harmonious ‘family’ of color and contrast, and yet only made possible by the use of my index finger! If your attempts at photographic creativity are falling short of your expectations, perhaps the answerm lies in your need to call upon your perfect employee, your ‘assistant’, your other index finger. You keep shooting! 

Nikon D500, Nikkor 18-300mm @ 220mm F/13@1/200 sec. 640 ISO

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