Her Business

Her Business

Her ‘business’ was not much wider then a single kitchen cupboard and when she opens her doors, she sits cross legged, atop a soft red pillow and serves up a small glass of fresh cold water; not tea, not coffee, not snacks, no food at all in fact, just a small glass of fresh cold water, a very popular glass of water too as I bore witness to her steady stream of customers, and with a bit of patience I was able to create this simple portrait of a very simple woman providing a very simple and popular service tucked away in a local neighborhood beyond the main gates of the Pink City, Jaipur, India. 

I wanted to add that it was imperative for me to open the SHADOWS up in post-processing. The interior where this woman sat was about three-stops darker then the exterior so, I set an exposure of -1 for the exterior, knowing that would still render a two-stop underexposure of the woman, but I could live with that knowing I could open up the still dark area where she sat via the use of the SHADOWS slider in Adobe Camera Raw, (BRIDGE). Nikon D500, Nikkor 18-300mm, @ 35mm, F/16 at 1/50 sec, 640 ISO. 

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  • Karel Kutheil

    Perfectly photographed

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