Gum Wrapper Handiwork

Gum Wrapper Handiwork

Imagine taking gum wrappers and other small pieces of paper, folding each into a 1 1/2” square, folding in such a way that each additional folded square inter-locks with the previous one and then ending up with more than 150 individual 7-foot strands...what do you do with all that? 

You make a large window covering, and then discover much later that a healthy dose of your handiwork, the colors, lines and textures, has caught the attention of a passing photographer who now wishes to showcase you, framed up amongst all that color, you, the creator of all those 7-foot strands. A memorable and fun morning near Bagan, Myanmar! 

Nikon D810, 24-120mm, F/11@1/200sec. 400 ISO...(Fortunately for me, a very large dump truck was parked out front of the house and I was able to climb up onto the roof of the cab, allowing me to get just  high enough and directly across from the subject and that second story window.

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