Great Light

Great Light

When does a used bar of orange soap reach a level of critical significance in the world of photographic image making?

My students and myself were unexpectedly presented with a chance to shoot great light of a simple bar of orange soap, atop a white sink, attached to a blue painted wall in Jodhpur, India. As we entered a small archway that led to a small courtyard, my eyes caught site of a small shaft of light raining down onto a bar of soap. Not just any bar of soap but an ORANGE bar of soap; orange, the color compliment to blue!

In a matter of seconds, the light was gone but not before it had been immortalized.

Yes, I LOVE to come upon “great light!”

But, I’ve never been a fan of the belief that when it comes to the creation of ‘powerful images’ that GREAT LIGHT is absolutely essential! The voice of great light can seldom rise above the roar of a bad composition. Whereas a well balanced composition can more than calm the voice of poor light!

In this case it’s fair to say that all of us, brief as it was, were able to combine great light and a well balanced and VIVID composition.

Nikon D500, Nikkor 18-300mm, ISO 400, F/11 @ 1/320 sec.

You Keep Shooting,

- Bryan F Peterson

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