Get MUCH Closer

Get MUCH Closer

Can I offer just one invaluable tip that all of the frustrated wide-angle lens shooters could use? You bet and here it is: “Embrace the FACT that your wide-angle lens can focus remarkably close, as close as 9” in some cases, which should be your clue that your wide-angle lens is relying on YOU to take advantage of its ability to focus close. So beginning right NOW start getting MUCH closer to any immediate foreground!”

Here are two simple landscapes, where the use of the flowers has become the IMMEDIATE foreground and not surprising, there is an astounding difference between the before and after photos.
When you allow the wide-angle lens to function as a close-up lens, (a job it loves to do), it’s as if you have turned up the volume of the emotional message of the image; instead of the ‘distant’ foreground resigned to but a whisper, the viewer now is able to hear the SHOUT, “Isn’t it WONDERFUL to be HERE!!!”
Both images, Nikon D810, Nikkor 14-24mm shot at F/22.

You keep shooting!

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