From Ordinary to Extraordinary!

From Ordinary to Extraordinary!

I am often asked what separates an ordinary photograph from an extraordinary photograph. Most 'ordinary' photographs have one thing in common; most were shot at EYE-LEVEL!

Most extraordinary photographs became extraordinary because the photographer CHOSE to change his/her point of view and in the case of many landscapes, this usually means taking the 'extra' time to get down low and use the very foreground that you are standing on as the 'lead' line of your story-telling image. That was certainly the case again when shooting the receding ocean waves here in Iceland a few days ago and it has certainly been the case many many other times
in my career.

Who would have thought that practicing the art of "reaching new low points in your life" could have such an impact in elevating your work to even greater heights!

Nikon D810, Nikkor 14-24mm F/2.8, F/22, focus at one meter, 1/8 second shutter speed, 100 ISO, on tripod.

You Keep Shooting,

- Bryan F Peterson

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  • Jessica Gordon

    Thanks for your creative insight Bryan! Your ideas inspire me!

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