Fizzling Sun

Fizzling Sun

Atop the small incline, grows a very big tree, a tree that provides some welcomed shade when temperatures top out at 98 degrees plus each afternoon, but overnight, the temperature drops to a cool 68 degrees, and by sunrise, there are few Hamar tribes people out and about in the ‘chilly’ air. Fortunately for me, my stirring about atop the small incline got the attention of several small children and a lone teenager who ventured outside their straw huts to see what the man with the camera was up to. I was quick to engage them and with hurried hand signals, “you stand here and you guys stand there and don’t move”, I ran towards the west, across the small plateau, putting some distance between myself and the tree and a few minutes later, shooting to the east, I was enjoying another dawn in the Omo Valley, this time with the company of three young Hamer kids, yet as luck would have it the hoped for ‘ball’ of the rising sun fizzled out as a line if thick cloud on the horizon began to build, obscuring the sunrise...

It was a few days later that I felt the need to ‘add’ the sun itself, so in combination with a clear sunrise sky from a prior shoot a few weeks earlier, I did a simple composite, copy/paste, then choose blend mode Multiply from layers menu creating the ‘real’ hoped for sunrise of this mornings shoot.

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