Festival of Colors

Festival of Colors

It’s no secret I love color, so it should come as no surprise that I plan my entire year around India’s Holi Festival or what I affectionately call, India’s Festival of Colors on Steroids, and despite the festival lasting but one day, the colors of the festival last for another 3-4 days, as evidenced by the colorful powders that are clinging to walls doors and windows, and if you get extremely lucky, the colors of Holi match up with the equally colorful clothing worn by women in India and then if you get SUPER lucky, the wall you found is under the ‘umbrella’ of a large tree, blocking most of the sun’s light, and what light is able to get through is considerably diffused-DAPPLED LIGHT!!! Quick, cue the model, shoot, shoot, shoot! A ‘who cares’ aperture choice since depth of field is not an issue...

Nikon D810, 24-120mm at 120mm, F/11@1/160 sec. 400 ISO Daylight/Sunny WB

You keep shooting!

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