Don’t Take, MAKE an Image

Don’t Take, MAKE an Image

As artists, we are aware of our inner voice that is constantly prodding us to do more, to push past the self-imposed boundaries, boundaries that keep us ‘safe’ yet behind a stifling fence. If we are intent on reaching the as yet undiscovered ‘creative territories’, the fence has got to come down! Only then are we free to explore all of the “crazy”, “whacky”, “stupid”, “lame” and “ridiculous” as well as “brilliant” and “amazing” ideas that were born out of asking yourself, “What if...”

“What if I purchased a small 12X18 piece of 3/8” plexiglass from the hardware store, then packed it in my luggage, remove it once I arrive in Venice, take it with me at dawn the next morning, and with the aid of a super clamp, attach it to the extended column of a small light-stand, spraying the plexiglass with water to create the rain effect and then compose the ‘standard’ image from San Marco of the Gondolas and the distant Church of San Giorgio Maggiore?” Obviously this idea is NOT limited to Venice or cities for that matter. That kind of thinking will find you back inside the fence! So, with pencil and paper at the ready, start writing down, NOW, as many other locations/subjects you can think of, where you could use ‘rain covered plexiglass’? You keep shooting!

Nikon D810, Nikkor 24-120mm at 43mm, F/11@1/2 sec. 640 ISO, WB Fluorescent

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