Bullet Hole

Bullet Hole

Most of us have come across the old car or perhaps it was an old truck, abandoned years ago, under what is now an even larger oak tree...and what was it about that old vehicle that fueled your passion for image making; the fading paint and areas of rust, the pitted chrome, the cracked windshield, the interior dashboard and the fading gauges...

You already know that I believe a junk yard is a great proving ground for practicing your compositional skills and abandon cars should be equally treasured for the same reason, with a compositional emphasis on the often abundant line and texture opportunities.

A very weathered passenger side window of a really old Studebaker got my attention recently, namely the very radial design of the window, a design that was 100% attributable to a gunshot, (image#2) and immediately, upon seeing the bullet hole, I thought how wonderful that hole could be if it were filled in with the stem and bloom of one of the many wild sunflower plants in a nearby ditch next to the lone country road that led me to the old Studebaker, and just like that, a shot from a gun, perhaps fired years ago, was now being shot with a camera, resulting in a colorful and graphic composition of a lone sunflower bloom.

You Keep Shooting!

Nikon D500, Nikkor 18-300 F/11@1/160 sec. ISO 250, Daylight/Sunny WB

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