Brushstroke of Oil

Brushstroke of Oil

My idea was simple enough; to record colorful images of moving cars at shutter speeds nearing a 1/4 second, as I shot down onto street below from my 45th floor balcony of the Stamford Swiss Hotel in Singapore. (Second image.)

The resulting implied motion of the cars moving through the street and the white painted arrows below, are to me, mindful of a brief brushstroke of oil or acrylic paint upon the canvas. 

Although it was my wish to record the three triadic colors of red, yellow and blue, in a single exposure, I was only able to record two cars, (one yellow, the other blue) in a single exposure, but with the aid of photoshop, and because I was on a tripod and never changed the composition it was easy to add a lone red ‘brushstroke’ from another exposure to the yellow and blue exposure by simply using copy/paste and then adding a layer mask and ‘painting’ the red car into the same yellow/blue car composition. 

Yes, I do embrace PS for times like this!

You keep shooting! 

Nikon D810, Nikkor 200-500mm, F/14@1/4 sec.

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