Black Cat

Black Cat

In the town of Oia, on the west end of the island of Santorini, Greece, it is quite common to witness photographers and the newlywed couples that hired them, being photographed in celebration of their wedding day and on one such morning, I came upon this couple perched atop a small domed structure, as if, I suppose, to mimic the sitting atop a wedding cake, when to my right the proverbial black cat walked into the scene...end of story, since I do not know the couple, I cannot report what if any good luck or bad luck followed, but I do know that through the ages, black cats have earned a reputation of bringing bad or good luck, depending on the country/culture which reminded me of just how much power we humans possess, namely the power to decide if and when something is bad luck or good luck and the subsequent impact these beliefs have on our perceptions of what may or may not happen next. And while we’re on this subject of ‘surrendering’ your mind to superstition, today is Friday the 13th! Good thing, or bad, that’s up to you! Have a great weekend, and most of all, you keep shooting!

Exposure note: Concerns about metering with all of the WHITE are easily squashed by simply using Manual Mode, and since this is a ‘who cares’ F/11, you now adjust your shutter speed until a -2/3rd’s exposure is indicated, while pointing the camera above the white and into the blue sky, then recompose and shoot.

Happy Friday the 13th!!

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