Bhutan Buddha

Bhutan Buddha

This is an image of the world’s largest sitting Buddha, Thimphu, Bhutan. Simple stuff here: camera and 10-24mm Nikkor are sitting on rock floor, at a spot where a reflection is seen in the few darker slabs of rock that are staggered throughout this vast and wide rock floor.  It was a quiet morning as the rainfall seemed to discourage other tourists from visiting, so getting a clean shot was much easier then the norm. Finally the ‘flip-up’ rear viewing screen of my Nikon D500, allowed to frame up the scene while taking a knee rather then my needing to lay flat out and with my neck somewhat torqued, try to frame up this same scene.

Nikon D500, Nikkor 10-24mm @10mm, F/22, (manual focus set to one meter) 1/30 sec. 400ISO, SHADE WB, which added additional warmth of color to Golden Buddha.

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