Better Late than Never

Better Late than Never

Here are five more images from last April’s Holland workshop and I realized earlier this week, “better late than never”, so let me just add that all were shot with my Nikon D500 and my Nikkor 18-300mm, obviously at various focal lengths, AND perhaps most importantly, they were shot during the last ten days of April. Beginning near end of April, first of May, everyone of these tulip fields be cut, mowed, with a machine that cuts off the flower, not the stem, just the flower, which will then allow the plant to expend its remaining energy into producing a bigger bulb. It is the bulbs that they are growing, not the flower, and of course these bulbs are sold world-wide, just in time for fall planting, so every spring, your yard comes alive with colorful tulips! There are two areas where many fields can be found, and without crowds...West Friesland between Alkmaar and Hoorn and in a ‘newer’ farming area called Flevoland. Its worth the trip, and hey, this is Holland, you know as in AmsterDAM, you know, like party central, a great place to celebrate at night, following each days successful outings! Have a great weekend everyone.

You keep shooting! 

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