Barn Doors

Barn Doors

They are called barn doors, the lightweight metal pieces that are attached to my 10”x4” Bi-Color LED light, and with my exposure set for the brighter light that is being emitted by my LED, a narrow slit of light that is passing through the narrow opening of the ‘barn doors’, and onto the model’s eyes, (@pretty.n.lazy) a Zorro like’ mask of light is created.

Within this room where we are shooting, large floor to ceiling glass windows flood the area with soft diffused light, filtered by the white, sheer fabric curtains that hang in front of these large windows, thus creating an exposure difference between the available light and the LED light of only about a stop and one-third, and due to the dynamic range of the Nikon D810, that 1 1/3 difference in stops is easily assimilated without undo contrast. Man I love digital! You keep shooting! Nikon D810, 24mm-120mm, at 120mm, AND with Canon 500D Close-Up Filter, F/[email protected]/80 sec. 200 ISO.

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