Celebrating Onions

Celebrating Onions

We ‘write’ stories and one of the most often over-looked ‘writing instruments’ that every photographer has at their disposal is choices in shutter speed.

On this day, in Mandalay, Myanmar I came upon an area in a local vegetable market where onions seemed to be ‘celebrating’ the liberation of their dry, outer purple skin.

A choice in using a freezing action shutter speed of a 1/500 sec. surely would have resulted in a clear and very precise capture, a statuesque, resulting in perhaps a stiff-like composition, but in an effort to turn up the volume of these jubilant onions, I chose to use a 1/30 second, a shutter speed that results in just enough subtle blurring to suggest that we are witness to the joyful dance of onions “shedding some skin.” Nikon D500, Nikkor 18-300mm F/8-F/13 @1/30 sec. 100 ISO Daylight WB

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