Outdoor & Nature Photography

Outdoor & Nature Photography

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Photo or rock climbingDo you love nature and photography and wish to make money photographing the great outdoors? Would you like to make outdoor and nature photography a full time business?

There is no more fulfilling "career" than being a full time Outdoor and Nature Photographer and having your work published in calendars, magazines and more.

I have been published in over 1000 calendars, many of the major outdoor magazines, advertising, company brochures, and I have founded and co-founded two stock photo agencies.

If you are interested in photographing the outdoors as a full time or part time business, I can show you how to create images for the markets and license them to clients.

You will learn:

  • How the outdoor and nature photography markets work.
  • Techniques and approaches for making marketable images of nature and outdoor adventure.
  • What type of camera equipment and other gear is needed.
  • How to organize your stock photos and set up your business.
  • How to make even more money with concept photography
  • How to create marketable compositions
  • How to master natural light and supplemental lighting
  • How to master the technical sides of photography

Marketing and promotion is crucial to the success of any business and I will show you several strategies that work.

  • How to market yourself and your business
  • How to price and negotiate a photo sale
  • How to get represented by stock photo agencies
  • One key ingredient that will insure your success as an outdoor photographer is photography assignments. YOU will learn:
  • How to bid on photo assignments
  • How to photograph outdoor products
  • How to plan and prep for the big assignment
  • How to create a portfolio and present it in a meeting
  • How to find model

This course also includes a downloadable stock photo pricing guide to help you determine a fair and accurate price for your photographs.

What are the course requirements?

  • Passion!
  • A love for the outdoors, nature, wildlife, and the environment
  • A sense of adventure and love of travel
  • A willingness to work hard
  • Oh, a camera, tripod, a computer, and software

What’s included?

  • Over 100 videos
  • A downloadable pricing guide
  • The tools needed to create top images
  • Photoshop tips
  • Strategies for pricing and selling your photography
  • Strategies for succeeding in the business

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Outdoor Photography – Lesson 3

Length: 145 minutesAuthor: Charlie BorlandComplexity: Standard

People, adventure, recreation, equipment and props, models, releases, composition, lighting, setting up adventure shoots, visual storytelling, lighting on location, product photography.