Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Panic has not set in yet, despite your confidence at being ‘lost’ in NE Myanmar, near the Thailand border. You have no GPS, but you still have one hour of daylight left and you at least know you must drive north to reach your hotel and the town of Inle, so you keep the sun on your left, and hope the one lane dirt road continues in its northerly direction...and then you spot it, up ahead on the right, indications of a very small village, and in just a few more minutes you spot it; a large house and a nearby out building where hundreds of ears of corn are suspended from its ceiling.

But where are the people? Five, ten, fifteen minutes...twenty-five minutes...finally, a young girl, then two boys, then three women...everyone was returning from the distant rice fields, dinner time. Following the exchange of smiles, and an attempt to explain my plight with the only young girl in the village who spoke at most ten english words, I felt fairly confident the lone dirt road would connect with the main highway back to Inle, albeit, three hours away. Resigned to my still long drive ahead of me, in the black of night no less, I went into ‘photographer mode’, and with some prodding and hand gestures, and with the remaining 15 minutes of light, I was soon shooting what can best be described as some truly ‘corny’ portraits, which just goes to prove, AGAIN, that only in getting lost was I able to find my way back home to the world of photographic opportunity.

Nikon D500, Nikkor 18-300mm at 50mm, F5.6 @1/100 sec. Daylight WB

You Keep Shooting
- Bryan Peterson

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  • I have taken several online as well as several live workshops from Bryan, and Its wonderful to see the many creative ways of composition, light, and chaos that a little out of the box thinking can do for your images. From day one working with Bryan, he has pushed me to unimaginable heights with my photography and the thinking process in the creation of an image. I look forward to many more years and adventures on my path of creativity with you.

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