Brief Rain Shower

Brief Rain Shower

Although it was brief, the afternoon rain shower left behind a puddle large enough to capture the reflection of the twin spired church across the street, and with the help of a willing student, Lexi, in my Savannah Workshop, my students and I had the makings of a ‘fine art’ abstract, BUT I felt we needed to create a little bit of ‘disruption’ in an otherwise highly organized, tightly focused composition, a disruption much like the unexpected wail of a baby in an otherwise quiet movie theater, so I reached for a small stone nearby and let it ‘splash’; disruption accomplished, and the splash effect further amplifies the abstract nature of the overall composition!

The first composition seen here relies on both a great depth of field (we have both a foreground subject, our model, and a ‘distant’ church) as well as a need for a fast shutter speed to capture the height of the splash, so F/22 at a 1/1000 sec it was, and in order to get a correct exposure at that small of a lens opening and at a blazingly fast speed, in the late afternoon light, an ISO of 2000 was necessary! Once again, low noise with 2000 ISO...In the second photo, (see in comment section along with the ‘larger view’) same exposure, but another toss of a bit larger stone resulted in a frame that captures the remnants of the original splash and the surrounding ‘off-spring’ that the initial splash created. Seeing is believing! You keep shooting! (Lexi records as a dark silhouette because she is in open shade and exposure is set for much brighter front-lit/sunlit church and sky.) Nikon D500, Nikkor 18-300mm at 88mm focal length.

You Keep Shooting
- Bryan Peterson

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