Not so Fast Summer!

Not so Fast Summer!


Before we say goodbye to summer... Just how elaborate is the set-up to create a shot of ‘refreshing lemonade’? Surprisingly, it’s not elaborate at all!

You will need:

1) Natural light

2) A drinking glass filled with sparkling/mineral water

3) A lemon slice

4) A clothes pin to hold the lemon slice

5) Some green wrapping paper that will create the illusion of grass plus it adds contrast to the yellow lemon

6) A macro lens, or ext. tubes 😎 a tripod.

Once the composition is set and you have focused on the lemon, (with the green wrapping paper about 8-12” in your background) stop the lens down to F/22 (F/32 is even better, if you have it). Using the lowest ISO number, 100 or 64 or 50, (L.03, .07, 1.0), you will find a correct exposure being indicated in the range of 1/15 or even 1/8 sec. Perfect! So now you are ready to shoot but just before you fire the shutter release (using a cable release!) drop a half tsp. salt into your mineral water and watch a fresh round of bubbles rise up from the bottom of the glass; SHOOT! And SHOOT again!!!

You Keep Shooting!

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