Great Treasure

Great Treasure

It’s so easy to become lost at Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi’s 400year old market, yet it seems every time I’ve been lost, I find some great treasure and this was certainly true on this late afternoon.

My eye’s first caught site of the tiled checkerboard like wall, somewhat bathed in dappled light, light that shouted, “Find a subject, quick, cause I’m moving on soon!” The sound of a file, grinding across metal, lead me to a young man who was working on a motor of a broken fan and it was his uncle, sitting idly in the corner, that prompted me to ask, “I need your help, do you have a minute?” As we quickly walked back to that checkerboard wall, I explained that I had always enjoyed photographing people and that when I saw the checkerboard wall I felt very strongly that it could be the perfect setting to create a lasting portrait and “I can’t thank you enough for helping me try and make this special moment together!”

Two minutes later, we were done, and the light really was moving on-right place, right time, willing subject!

Nikon D810, Nikkor 24-120mm, at 100mm, F/6.3@1/160 sec. 50 ISO, Sunny/Daylight WB

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