Mastering Canon Flash Photography

Mastering Canon Flash Photography

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Do you have an electronic flash and are baffled on how it all works?

Have you ever felt like you hate your flash because you just can't figure it out?

If so, that is understandable. Today's flash units are so technically advanced that even pros find them intimidating!

However, with an understanding of the amazing features included in today's flash units, your flash unit can quickly become your new best friend.

In this course on using flash, I will take you step by step and demystify EVERYTHING about your flash.
If you have Nikon SB800 or SB900/910, Canon 580EX, 580EXII, & 600EX-RT I GOT YOU COVERED! I will show you how the flash unit works inside and out and if you don't have Canon or Nikon, you can still learn a ton of information about flashes and easily apply the same techniques to your flash.

I will show you:

  • How light works
  • How lighting angles affect your subject
  • How your flash works
  • What all those buttons and symbols mean
  • How to create soft light and hard light
  • How to use flash modifiers
  • How to mix flash with natural light
  • This course then takes you into applying the flash in a variety of situations like:
  • Frontal flash
  • Backlighting
  • Side lighting
  • Wireless flash

And you will learn how to obtain perfect flash exposure, how to work with the flash off-camera, and how to modify the light.

I am confident by the end of this course you will be saying: “I LOVE MY FLASH!"

I have created this course to answer all your nagging questions and advance you from flash novice to flash expert and quickly. All the basics are covered from light and flash theories; to using flash on camera and off; understanding the power of your flash and how to apply it; shutters and f/stop and their effects on flash; flash modes such as TTL, Auto, and Manual; bounce vs. direct flash; diffused flash, and a few surprise techniques thrown in for fun.


Mastering Canon Flash Photography - Lesson 1

Length: 129 minutesAuthor: YKSComplexity: Easy

Introduction-Fundamentals of Flash Photography
We'll cover flash equipment and how it works including basic flash techniques, understanding relationships between shutter speed-f/stop, and the effects on flash. Also, how to adjust flash output; understanding TTL/ETTL, auto and manual settings, and Sync Speed. What are Guide numbers, Angle of Incidence, and Inverse Square Law?

Mastering Canon Flash Photography - Lesson 2

Length: 18 minutesAuthor: YKSComplexity: Standard

Using Flash on Camera
Introduction to techniques of on-camera flash including flash fill, flash key, bounce flash, and diffused flash. We'll look at red eye, flash bracketing, and external battery packs.

Mastering Canon Flash Photography - Lesson 3

Length: 43 minutesAuthor: YKSComplexity: Standard

Using Flash off Camera
We'll look at techniques for using flash off-camera including rear curtain effects, key and fill w/umbrellas, lighting distant objects, wireless flash, and using remote flash.

Mastering Canon Flash Photography - Lesson 4

Length: 5 minutesAuthor: YKSComplexity: Standard

Having Fun with Flash
We'll look at ways to have fun with flash including using flash in mixed lighting, using creative filters with flash, motion techniques, freezing action, and using several flash units.

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